Maryland State Labor Relations Board

Board Members

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Allen G. Siegel, Esq.
(term through June, 2010), Chevy Chase.  Mr. Siegel is a graduate of Duke University Law School and practiced law in Florida before becoming a field attorney for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  Following his work with the NLRB, Mr. Siegel became associated with the law firm of Arent, Fox, of which he ultimately became a partner and worked extensively in that firm's labor and employment practice.  Mr. Siegel has been a Professor of Law at Duke University as well as general counsel for a number of civic and religious organizations, often providing his services to those organizations pro bono.   

Sherry L. Mason (term through June, 2012), Hagerstown.  Ms. Mason is currently a Human Resources Manager for the Volvo Corporation.  Her work includes areas such as benefits and compensation.

Laird Patterson (term through June, 2010), Bethesda.  Mr. Patterson is a retired former labor negotiator and lobbyist/counsel for Bethlehem Steel.

Gail Booker Jones, Esq.
(term through June, 2008), Bowie.  Ms. Booker Jones is an attorney and former Bowie City Council member.


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