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Higher Education in Maryland

Maryland Community College Facilities Manual


Follow the links below to go to specific areas in the Manual.

1.01   State Agency Functions and Responsibilities (Word Document)
1.02   Community College Construction Grant Program (Word Document)
1.03   Capital Project Justification (Word Document)
1.04   MHEC Capital Budget Priorities (Word Document)
1.05   Level of State Funding Support (Word Document)
1.06   Capital Project Funding (Word Document)
1.07   Legislative Process/Availability of State Share (Word Document)
1.08   Project Number Assignments (Word Document)
1.09   MHEC Community College Construction Grant Program Contingency Fund (Word Document)
1.10   Quarterly Cash Flow/Status of Funded Projects Report (Word Document)
1.11   Project Administration (Word Document)

2. FACILITIES MASTER PLANS (Word Document)  or  Section 2 (PDF)
2.01   Elements of Facilities Master Plans (Word Document)
2.02   Review Process for Facilities Master Plans (Word Document)

3. FACILITIES INVENTORY SYSTEM (Word Document) or  Section 3 (PDF)
3.01   Overview (Word Document)
3.02   Purpose (Word Document)
3.03   Reporting Instructions (Word Document)

4. FACILITY PROGRAM (Word Document)  or  Section 4 (PDF)
4.01   Introduction (Word Document)
4.02   Overview (Word Document)
4.03   Preparation and Submission Requirements (Word Document)
4.04   Approval and Post Approval Requirements (Word Document)

5. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM (Word Document)  or  Section 5 (PDF)
5.01   Purpose of the Capital Improvements Program (Word Document)
5.02   Components of the Five-Year Capital Improvements Program (Word Document)
5.03   Review Process for Five-Year Capital Improvements Program (Word Document)
5.04   Capital Improvement Defined (Word Document)
5.05   Projects and Items That Qualify As Capital Improvements (Word Document)
5.06   Projects and Items That Do Not Qualify As Capital Improvements (Word Document)
5.07   General Requirements Concerning Capital Project Requests (Word Document)

6.01   General Architect/Engineer Administration (Word Document)
6.02   Selection Procedures (Word Document)
6.03   Selection Criteria (Word Document)
6.04   Project Advertisement (Word Document)
6.05   Negotiation Summary (Word Document)
6.06   Board of Public Works Approval (Word Document)
6.07   Board of Public Works Award Release (Word Document)
6.08   A/E Fees (Word Document)
6.09   Architectural/Engineering Services (Word Document)
6.10   A/E Construction Ineligibility (Word Document)

7. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (Word Document) or  Section 7 (PDF)
7.01   Overview of Construction Management Administration (Word Document)
7.02   Selection Procedures (Word Document)
7.03   Selection Criteria (Word Document)
7.04   Project Advertisement (Word Document)
7.05   Negotiation Summary (Word Document)
7.06   Board of Public Works Approval (Word Document)
7.07   Board of Public Works Release (Word Document)
7.08   CM Fees (Word Document)
7.09   Construction Management Services (Word Document)
7.10   CM Construction Ineligibility (Word Document)
7.11   Construction Delivery Studies (Word Document)
7.12   State Concerns with Non Traditional Construction Delivery Methods (Word Document)

8. DESIGN REVIEW SUBMISSIONS (Word Document)  or  Section 8 (PDF)
8.01   General for Design Review Submission (Word Document)
8.02   Correspondence (Word Document)
8.03   Incomplete Submissions (Word Document)
8.04   Phase I – Schematics (Word Document)
8.05   Phase II – Design Development (Word Document)
8.06   Phase III – Construction Documents (Word Document)
8.07   DGS Roofing Policy (Word Document)

9. BIDDING PROCEDURES AND DOCUMENTS (Word Document) or  Section 9 (PDF)
9.01   Bidding Procedures (Word Document)
9.02   Bidding Documents (Word Document)

10. EQUIPMENT ACQUISITION GUIDELINES (Word Document)  or  Section 10 (PDF)
10.01   Overview (Word Document)
10.02   Equipment Application and Submission (Word Document)
10.03   General Eligibility Concepts (Word Document)
10.04   Detailed Criteria for Determination of Eligibility of Items for Acquisition with
State Capital Funds (Word Document)

11. PROJECT CLOSEOUT (Word Document)  or  Section 11 (PDF)
11.01   General (Word Document) 
11.02    Expenditure of Local Funds (Word Document)
11.03    Requests for Payment of State Share (Word Document)
11.04    Required CPE Payment Backup Information (Word Document)
11.05    CITS and Contingency Allowances (Word Document)
11.06    Instruction for Completing Project Expenditures Form (Word Document)
11.07   Closeout Submission (Word Document)
11.08   Change Order Eligibility (Word Document)
11.09   Final Closeout Certification of Project Expenditure (Word Document)

12. SITE SELECTION AND LAND ACQUISITION (Word Document)  or  Section 12 (PDF)
12.01   Importance of Site Selection (Word Document)
12.02   Site Selection Criteria and Procedures (Word Document)
12.03   Site Selection Scorecard (Word Document)
12.04   Acreage Needs (Word Document)
12.05   Site Analysis Report (Word Document)
12.06   Right-of-Way Agreement (Word Document)

13. RELEVANT STATE LAWS AND REGULATIONS (Word Document)  or  Section 13 (PDF)
13.01   Overview of Relevant Laws and Regulations (Word Document)
13.02   Annotated Code of Maryland, Education, Title 11 (Selected Sections) (Word Document)
13.03   COMAR, Title 13B, Chapter 4 Construction Procedures (Word Document)
13.04   COMAR, Title 13B, Chapter 5 Space Allocation Guidelines (Word Document)

14. ATTACHMENTS (Word Document)   or  Section 14 (PDF)
14.01   Department of Budget and Management Forms (Word Document)
14.02   Department of General Services Forms (Word Document)
14.03   Maryland Higher Education Commission Forms (Word Document)
14.04   Facility Program Manual, Current Edition (Word Document)  
14.05   Procedure Manual for Professional Services, Current Edition (Word Document)
14.06   Instructions for the Preparation and Submission of Capital Project Requests for Non-State Projects within a State Grant and Loan Program, Current Edition (Word Document)  
14.07   Roofing Policy (Word Document)

15. GLOSSARY (Word Document)  or  Section 15 (PDF)
15.01   Abbreviations and Acronyms (Word Document)

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