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Base Realignment & Closure
Higher Education in Maryland
Academic Program Proposal
Currently Under Review
Date Proposal Received Institution and Proposal Degree Awarded Name of Academic Program Objections Received Decision Deadline MHEC Final Decision Final Decision Date

University of Southern California

Program Proposal(pdf)

Multiple  OOS Renewal   3/19/2014  Authorized  8/1/2014 

OOS Renewal  Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching is designed for individuals who wish to complete requirements for a California preliminary teaching credential or to strengthen their ability to facilitate learning for all students in a K-12 environment (non-credential). Being added to this program are Areas of Concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Special Education, and Gifted Education.

The Master of Social Work introduces students to the range of social welfare problems and programs, and to the varieties of human behavior with which social work is concerned. Students also learn the methods by which the social worker, the social agency and the organized community work with people and problems. Field instruction, under supervision in a social agency, is scheduled for two or three days a week, enabling students to apply theory to practice. All content areas include content on diversity, social work values and ethics, and economic justice and populations at risk. At the completion of foundation requirements, students are expected to have acquired a sense of professional responsibility and the ability to use knowledge on behalf of the individual, the group and the community.

The renewal application also proposes to add an Area of Concentration in Business in a Global Society.

The renewal application includes a proposal to add a Master of Education in Advanced Instruction and a Master of Education in School Leadership.

The Master of Education in Advanced Instruction provides current teachers with exposure to pedagogy and teacher leadership development. The curriculum is designed to challenge experienced teachers to use technology to improve learning outcomes, provide access to advanced interdisciplinary pedagogical practice, develop their capacity to assume leadership roles, and enhance their understanding of teaching for learners with diverse needs.

The Master of Education in School Leadership will prepare education leaders with the knowledge and skills to lead effectively in urban school settings and to accelerate student achievement. Graduates will demonstrate that they can create a high achievement school culture and solve complex performance problems in K-12 schools by advocating for a shared vision; collect data to diagnose causes of achievement gaps; plan appropriate research-based solutions; gather and manage resources; effectively communicate the plan to school administration, faculty, staff and community; and provide support for implementing, monitoring and evaluating progress toward achieving school improvement.

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