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Off-Campus Site Development Plan Guidelines

Off-Campus Site Development Plan Guidelines:

The institution will submit a cover letter addressed to the Secretary of Higher Education from the Chief Academic Officer requesting approval of a plan for the future development of the off-campus site.  The plan will address the following:

  1. Programs.  Provide a list of those programs approved, currently proposed, and projected for this site.
  2. Institutional Mission.  How is this off-campus site (with the programs listed above) consistent with the approved mission of the institution and its strategic plan?
  3. Market Analysis.  Demonstrate the general need and demand for these programs at this specific location, utilizing market supply and demand data.  The type of information submitted will vary, depending on the program, but may include workforce and employment projections prepared by the federal and State government, surveys, letters of solicitation for the programs, information from professional and trade associations, etc.
  4. Duplication.  Are there similar programs offered in this same geographical area of the State?  If so, describe the similarities and differences in terms of the degrees to be awarded, the areas of specialization, and their specific academic content.
  5. EEO Obligations.  Does this off-campus site (with the programs listed above) have any effect on the State's equal educational opportunity obligations under State and federal law?
  6. Library Resources.  COMAR 13B.02.02.18G, requires that, "an in-state institution offering off-campus programs within the State shall provide adequate and appropriate library resources within State boundaries and within reasonable distance of the institutional site."  What plans are being made to comply with this requirement?
  7. Faculty.  COMAR 13B.02.02.17H states that, "full-time faculty members of the parent institution shall teach at least 1/3 of the credit hours offered in an off-campus program."  Indicate how the institution will ensure that this requirement is, or will be, met.
  8. Facilities and Equipment.  Briefly describe the facilities and equipment available to support programs at this off-campus site and indicate any plans for expansion.
  9. Academic Support Services.  Will students at this instructional site have access to academic support services equivalent to those provided to students enrolled in on-campus resident credit courses?  [Ref. COMAR 13B.02.03.19C].
  10. Administrative Oversight.  Briefly describe the academic oversight and quality control provided for the programs at this site and the methods of instructional delivery that will be used.  [Ref. COMAR 13B.02.03.19A.(5)-(6)].
  11. Resources.  What short- and long-term financial commitment is the institution making to support this off-campus site?

For a PDF copy of the Code of Maryland Regulations: (COMAR) Title 13B.02.02 -- Minimum Requirements for In-State Degree-Granting Institutions (PDF) and for a PDF copy of the Code of Maryland Regulations:
(COMAR) Title 13B.02.03 -- Academic Programs -- Degree-Granting Institutions (PDF)

 For further information please contact:

Division of Planning and Academic Affairs
Maryland Higher Education Commission
6 N. Liberty Street, 10th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201