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Higher Education in Maryland

Staff Directory

 Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Academic Affairs, Research & Policy Analysis, Private Career Schools, Finance
Phone:  410-767-3301 Toll Free:  1-800-974-0203
Tenth Floor Fax: (410) 332-0270     
Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) - MD CAPS Assistance
MD CAPS and OSFA Email Only:
Phone:  410-767-3300 Toll Free:  1-800-974-0203
Ground Floor Fax: (410) 332-0250 and (410) 332-0252      
TTY or text telephone users contact MHEC via Maryland Relay  (Dial 7-1-1 or 800-735-2258)

Alphabetical Listing
Organizational Listing

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Alphabetical Listing
Name Position Title Phone Email
Linda Asplin Program Administrator - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3122 lasplin@mhec.state.md.us
Stephanie Baker Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3297 sbaker@mhec.state.md.us
David Beard Finance Policy Analyst 410-767-3086 dbeard@mhec.state.md.us
Shamara Bownes Program Specialist - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3199 sbownes@mhec.state.md.us
Robyn Brayton Sr. Systems Specialist - Information Systems 410-767-3106 rbrayton@mhec.state.md.us
Carl Brooks Program Administrator - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3245 cbrooks@mhec.state.md.us
Ronda Brown Administrative Assistant-Career/Workforce Education 410-767-3403 rbrown@mhec.state.md.us
Jeffrey Cann Director of Budget and Administration 410-767-3044 jcann@mhec.state.md.us
Sandy Carrera Administrative Officer - Office of Administrative Service 410-767-3088 scarrera@mhec.state.md.us
Dawn Costigan Program Administrator - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3124 dcostiga@mhec.state.md.us
Peggy Daw Nurse Support Program Coordinator 410-767-3372 pdaw@mhec.state.md.us
Dave DelGaudio Assistant Director-Office of Information Systems 410-767-3104 ddelgaud@mhec.state.md.us
Bill Dowling Systems Specialist - Information Systems 410-767-3103 wdowling@mhec.state.md.us
Benee Edwards Outreach and Grants Management Coordinator 410-767-3377 bedwards@mhec.state.md.us
Isaiah Ellis College Access Administrative Aide - Outreach & Grants Management 410-767-3350 iellis@mhec.state.md.us
Jon Enriquez Associate Director of Research and Policy Analysis 410-767-3094 jenrique@mhec.state.md.us
Greg FitzGerald Special Assistant to the Secretary 410-767-3043 gfitzger@mhec.state.md.us
Kimberly Ford Program Administrator - GEAR UP 410-767-3227 kford@mhec.state.md.us
Westley Forsythe Education Policy Analyst - Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3270 wforsythe@mhec.state.md.us
Brian Gibbons Veterans Affairs Analyst - Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3067 bgibbons@mhec.state.md.us
Trish Gordon-McCown Associate Director, Veteran Affairs-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3098 tmccown@mhec.state.md.us
Shawn Grove Veterans Affairs Analyst-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3091 sgrove@mhec.state.md.us
Joanne Harris Complete College America Administrative Specialist - Research 410-767-3403 jharris@mhec.state.md.us
Dawn Hastings Program Administrator - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3154 dhasting@mhec.state.md.us
Les Hodgson Staff Accountant - Office of Administrative Services 410-767-3089 lhodgson@mhec.state.md.us
Danette Gerald Howard Secretary of Higher Education 410-767-3043 dhoward@mhec.state.md.us
Parris Jackson Director-Office of Information Systems 410-767-3101 pjackson@mhec.state.md.us
Katrina Johnson Program Administrator, Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3153 kjohnson@mhec.state.md.us
Tonya Johnson Executive Associate to Assistant Secretary-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3312 tjohnson@mhec.state.md.us
Lauren Jones-Lush Director of Academic Affairs 410-767-3268 ljones-lush@mhec.state.md.us
David Jorgenson Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education 410-767-3293 djorgens@mhec.state.md.us
Amy Kania Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education 410-767-3296 akania@mhec.state.md.us
Dean Kendall Associate Director of Workforce Development 410-767-3284 dkendall@mhec.state.md.us
Sue Koch Program Specialist-Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3155 skoch@mhec.state.md.us
La Juan Lee Procurement Officer 410-767-3090 llee@mhec.state.md.us
Patricia Logan Assistant Attorney General 410-767-3313 plogan@mhec.state.md.us
Natalie Lopez Online Education Analyst, Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3298 nlopez@mhec.state.md.us
Andrenette Mack-Augins Outreach and Grants Management Manager 410-767-3358 aaugins@mhec.state.md.us
Robert Magee Grants Management Administrative Specialist 410-767-3099 rmagee@mhec.state.md.us
Geoffrey Newman Director - Finance Policy 410-767-3085 gnewman@mhec.state.md.us
Andrew Nichols Director of Research and Policy Analysis 410-767-3095 anichols@mhec.state.md.us
Julie Perrotta Program Supervisor-Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3192 jperrott@mhec.state.md.us
Anthony Reiner Finance and Facilities 410-767-3087 areiner@mhec.state.md.us
Tonja Ringgold Assistant Secretary of Higher Education-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3312 tringgold@mhec.state.md.us
Alexander Robertson Systems Specialist - Information Systems 410-767-3105 aroberts@mhec.state.md.us
Gerrie Rogers Program Administrator - Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3126 grogers@mhec.state.md.us
Genny Segura Senior Education Policy Analyst-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3329 gsegura@mhec.state.md.us
Elaine Shaw-Taylor Administrative Specialist-Academic Affairs 410-767-3388 etaylor@mhec.state.md.us
Catherine Shultz Assistant Attorney General - Principal Counsel 410-767-3311 cshultz@mhec.state.md.us
Miya Simpson Associate Director-Planning and Academic Affairs 410-767-3277 msimpson@mhec.state.md.us
Alexia Smith Program Administrator, Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3203 asmith@mhec.state.md.us
Sean Tierney Research Analyst-Research and Policy Analysis 410-767-3097 stierney@mhec.state.md.us
Lee Towers Director - Legislative Affairs 410-767-3059 ltowers@mhec.state.md.us
Pete Tyrell Director-Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3110 ptyrrell@mhec.state.md.us
Elizabeth Urbanski Associate Director-Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3109 eurbansk@mhec.state.md.us
Alexia Van Orden Research Analyst - Research and Policy Analysis 410-767-3096 avanorden@mhec.state.md.us
Melinda Vann Director Outreach & Grants Management 410-767-3269 mvann@mhec.state.md.us
DeNisha Watson Assistant Attorney General 410-767-3309 dwatson@mhec.state.md.us
Monica Wheatley Program Manager-Office of Student Financial Assistance 410-767-3118 mwheatle@mhec.state.md.us
Switchboard Operator 410-767-3300
Switchboard Operator 410-767-3301
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