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Higher Education in Maryland

List of Out-of-State Fully Online Postsecondary Programs Registered in Maryland
 for American Public University System

The institution is registered with the Commission through June 30, 2014 to enroll Maryland students in fully online distance education programs listed below.  The Commission’s registration of the fully online programs is not an authorization of the institution to operate in Maryland or an approval or endorsement of the institution’s programs. 

The Importance of Accreditation

Back to List of  out-of-state post-secondary institutions  registered to offer online education in Maryland.

American Public University System

Program Award
Business Administration A.A.
Communication A.A.
Counter Terrorism Studies A.A.
Criminal Justice A.A.
Early Childhood Care and Education A.A.
General Studies A.A.
History A.A.
Hospitality A.A.
Management A.A.
Military History A.A.
Real Estate Studies A.A.
Retail Management A.A.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness A.A.
Accounting A.S.
Computer Applications A.S.
Database Application Development A.S.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal A.S.
Fire Science A.S.
Paralegal Studies A.S.
Public Health A.S.
Web Publishing A.S.
Child and Family Development B.A.
Criminal Justice B.A.
Emergency and Disaster Management B.A.
English B.A.
General Studies B.A.
History B.A.
Homeland Security B.A.
Hospitality Management B.A.
Intelligence Studies B.A.
International Relations B.A.
Management B.A.
Marketing B.A.
Middle Eastern Studies B.A.
Military History B.A.
Military Management and Program Acquisition B.A.
Philosophy B.A.
Political Science B.A.
Psychology B.A.
Religion B.A.
Retail Management B.A.
Reverse Logistics Management B.A.
Security Management B.A.
Sociology B.A.
Transportation Logistics Management B.A.
Business Administration B.B.A.
Accounting B.S.
Criminal Justice B.S.
Environmental Science B.S.
Fire Science Management B.S.
Information Systems Security B.S.
Information Technology B.S.
Information Technology Management B.S.
Legal Studies B.S.
Public Health B.S.
Space Studies B.S.
Sports and Health Sciences B.S.
RN to BSN B.S.N.
K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement CERT
American History G CERT
American Revolution G CERT
Ancient and classical History G CERT
Athletic Administration G CERT
Civil War Studies G CERT
Competitive Intelligence G CERT
Counterintelligence G CERT
Criminal Justice G CERT
Cybercrime G CERT
Digital Forensics G CERT
Emergency and Disaster Management G CERT
Environmental Hazard Mitigation and Restoration G CERT
Environmental Planning and Design G CERT
Environmental Risk Assessment G CERT
Environmental Sustainability G CERT
European History G CERT
Fish and Wildlife Management G CERT
Global Enviromental Management G CERT
Homeland Security G CERT
Information Assurance G CERT
Information Systems Security G CERT
Intelligence Analysis G CERT
Intelligence Studies G CERT
IT Project Management G CERT
Joint Warfare G CERT
Leadership and Logistics G CERT
Logistics Management G CERT
Middle East Studies G CERT
National Security Studies G CERT
Nonprofit Management G CERT
Object-Oriented Application Development G CERT
Organizational Management G CERT
Security Management G CERT
Space Studies G CERT
Sports Management G CERT
Strategic Leadership G CERT
Terrorism Studies G CERT
World War II Studies G CERT
Criminal Justice M.A.
Emergency and Disaster Management M.A.
History M.A.
Homeland Security M.A.
Humanities M.A.
Intelligence Studies M.A.
International Relations and Conflict Resolution M.A.
Legal Studies M.A.
Management M.A.
Military History M.A.
Military Studies M.A.
National Security Studies M.A.
Political Science M.A.
Psychology M.A.
Reverse Logistics Management M.A.
Security Management M.A.
Transportation and Logistics Management M.A.
Business Administration M.B.A.
Teaching (Non-Licensure) M.Ed.
Public Administration M.P.A.
Public Health M.P.H.
Accounting M.S.
Environmental Policy and Management M.S.
Information Technology M.S.
Space Studies M.S.
Sports and Health Sciences M.S.
Sports Management M.S.
Cloud Computing UG CERT
Computer Systems and Networks UG CERT
Corrections Management UG CERT
Counter-Intelligence UG CERT
Cybercrime Essentials UG CERT
Cybersecurty UG CERT
Digital Forensics UG CERT
E-Commerce UG CERT
Enterprise Web Applications UG CERT
Enterprise Web Applications using .NET UG CERT
Environmental Technology UG CERT
Explosive Ordnance Disposal UG CERT
Family Studies UG CERT
Fire Science UG CERT
Fish and Wildlife Management UG CERT
Forensics UG CERT
Hazardous Waste Management UG CERT
Homeland Security UG CERT
Human Resource Management UG CERT
Infant and Toddler Care UG CERT
Information Security Planning UG CERT
Information Systems Security Essentials UG CERT
Instructioal Design and Delivery UG CERT
Intelligence Analysis UG CERT
Internet Webmaster UG CERT
IT Infrastructure Security UG CERT
IT Project Management Essentials UG CERT
Meeting and Event Planning UG CERT
Microsoft Access Database Applications UG CERT
Microsoft Office Applications UG CERT
Military Leadership Studies UG CERT
Mobile computing UG CERT
Paralegal Studies UG CERT
Public Lands Management UG CERT
Real Estate Management UG CERT
Regional and Community Planning UG CERT
Retail Management UG CERT
Security Management UG CERT
Space Studies UG CERT
Sustainability UG CERT
Terrorism Studies UG CERT
United Nations UG CERT
Visual Basic Application Development UG CERT
Visual Communications UG CERT
Weapons of Mass Destructions Preparedness UG CERT
Web Publishing UG CERT
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