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Base Realignment & Closure
Higher Education in Maryland

List of Out-of-State Fully Online Postsecondary Programs Registered in Maryland
 for University of Phoenix

The institution is registered with the Commission through June 30, 2014 to enroll Maryland students in fully online distance education programs listed below.  The Commission’s registration of the fully online programs is not an authorization of the institution to operate in Maryland or an approval or endorsement of the institution’s programs. 

The Importance of Accreditation

Back to List of  out-of-state post-secondary institutions  registered to offer online education in Maryland.

University of Phoenix

Program Award
Accounting Foundations A.A.
Business Foundations A.A.
Communications A.A.
Criminal Justice A.A.
Elementary Education A.A.
General Studies A.A.
Health Care Administration A.A.
Health Care Administration: Electronic Health Records A.A.
Health Care Administration: Health and Wellness Administration A.A.
Health Care Administration: Medical Records A.A.
Hospitality, Travel and Tourism A.A.
Human Services Management A.A.
Information Technology A.A.
Information Technology: Cisco Networking A.A.
Information Technology: Database Development A.A.
Information Technology: Networking A.A.
Information Technology: Programming A.A.
Information Technology: Support A.A.
Information Technology: Web Administration A.A.
Information Technology: Web Design A.A.
Professional Focus A.A.
Psychology A.A.
English B.A.
Accounting B.S.
Biological Science B.S.
Business: Accounting B.S.
Business: Administration B.S.
Business: Environmental Sustainability B.S.
Business: Finance B.S.
Business: Global Management B.S.
Business: Human Resource Management B.S.
Business: Management B.S.
Business: Marketing B.S.
Business: Project Management B.S.
Business: Public Sector B.S.
Business: Service Sector B.S.
Business: Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship B.S.
Business: Sustainable Enterprise Management B.S.
Communication: Communication and Technology B.S.
Communication: Culture and Communication B.S.
Communication: Journalism B.S.
Communication: Marketing and Sales Communication B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration: Cyber Crimes B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration: Human Services B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration: Institutional Healthcare B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration: Management B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration: Security B.S.
Environmental Science B.S.
Health Administration: Emergency Management B.S.
Health Administration: Health Information Systems B.S.
Health Administration: Health Management B.S.
Health Administration: Long Term Care B.S.
History B.S.
Information Technology: Advanced Networking B.S.
Information Technology: Business System Analysis B.S.
Information Technology: Information Management B.S.
Information Technology: Information Systems Security B.S.
Information Technology: Multimedia and Visual Communication B.S.
Information Technology: Software Engineering B.S.
Information Technology: Web Development B.S.
Management B.S.
Management: Manufacturing Sector B.S.
Organizational Security and Management B.S.
Psychology B.S.
Nursing B.S.N.
A+ Fundamentals CERT
Bookkeeping CERT
Cisco Networking Fundamentals CERT
Electronic Health Records CERT
Emergency Management CERT
Gerontology Health Care CERT
Health and Wellness Administration CERT
Health Care Informatics CERT
Health Management CERT
Human Resource Management CERT
Information Systems Security CERT
Long Term Care CERT
Network+ Technologies CERT
Nursing: Health Care Education CERT
Project Management CERT
Visual Communication CERT
Business Administration D.B.A.
Health Administration D.H.A.
Organizational Leadership D.M.
Organizational Leadership: Information Systems and Technology D.M.
Educational Leadership Ed.D.
Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D.
Educational Leadership: Educational Technology Ed.D.
Educational Specialist Ed.S.
Accounting G CERT
Human Resources Management G CERT
Marketing G CERT
Project Management G CERT
Business Administration M.B.A.
Business Administration: Accounting M.B.A.
Business Administration: Energy Management M.B.A.
Business Administration: Global Management M.B.A.
Business Administration: Health Care Management M.B.A.
Business Administration: Human Resources Management M.B.A.
Business Administration: Marketing M.B.A.
Business Administration: Project Management M.B.A.
Business Administration: Technology Management M.B.A.
Health Administration M.H.A.
Health Administration: Education M.H.A.
Health Administration: Gerontology M.H.A.
Health Administration: Informatics M.H.A.
Health Administration: Sustainability Management M.H.A.
Information Systems M.I.S.
Management M.M.
Public Administration M.P.A.
Accountancy M.S.
Administration of Justice and Security M.S.
Administration of Justice and Security: Global and Homeland Security M.S.
Administration of Justice and Security: Law Enforcement Organizations M.S.
Psychology M.S.
Psychology: Behavioral Health M.S.
Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology M.S.
Healthcare Education M.S.N.
Informatics M.S.N.
Nursing M.S.N.
Healthcare Management M.S.N./M.B.A.
Master of Nursing/Master of Health Administration M.S.N./M.H.A.
Higher Education Administration Ph.D.
Industrial and Organizational Psychology Ph.D.
Nursing Ph.D.
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