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Base Realignment & Closure
Higher Education in Maryland

The Maryland Higher Education Commission is ready for BRAC!



It’s Here! BRAC Internship Information Website…

MHEC has created a website to serve as a center to post and search for internship work opportunities within the military and defense-related industries. The website will serve to list internships available in the Fort Detrick, Fort Meade, and Aberdeen Proving Ground areas. For participating organizations, this website will provide a space to post internships providing access to a potential employee pool. For students, internships can provide an opportunity to get “hands-on” experience in their chosen field of study. In many cases a stipend and/or college credit is available. You can visit the Internship Center at:



In-state tuition is available for civilian, military contractual personnel relocating to Maryland

The University System of Maryland, Morgan State University, and St. Mary's College of Maryland have agreed to offer in-state tuition to eligible military employees, civilian contractor employees, and their family members who are moving to Maryland because of the Base Realignment and Closure Act. The waiver will not go into effect until you have taken up residence in Maryland.  Contact the university you plan to attend for more information.

State financial assistance may be available for college

Military, civilian personnel and defense contractors and their families who relocate to Maryland and enroll in a post-secondary institution will be considered Maryland residents for State financial assistance with appropriate documentation. Information on financial assistance and applications can be found on our website by clicking on "Financial Aid Applications" under "Students, Parents, and Counselors" on our homepage. The Maryland Higher Education Commission administers 22 grant and scholarship programs providing nearly $110 million to approximately 58,000 students attending the State’s post-secondary institutions.

Interested in getting an advanced degree?

Search and request information with the BRAC Graduate Degree Inquiry Referral system.

BRAC Higher Education Investment Fund grants available

The purpose of the BRAC Higher Education Investment Fund is to provide funding for initiatives to address the higher education needs related to the BRAC process. The BRAC Higher Education Investment Fund, administered by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), will fund various programmatic initiatives directly related to BRAC educational needs. Grants are restricted to Maryland two-year, four-year, public or private institutions of higher education; Maryland research institutions; Maryland Regional Higher Education Centers; and Maryland private career schools approved by MHEC.

For more information, see the Request for Applications (DOC) and (PDF).

For a list of 2009 and 2010 grant recipients click here: (DOC) and (PDF).

BRAC Higher Education Investment Fund Technical Assistance Meeting presentation (PDF) and (PPT).

Whom to contact:

For more information regarding program offerings at Maryland’s colleges and universities as well as its grant and scholarship information, contact BRAC Coordinator Dr. John S. Stephenson at (410) 260-4531 or toll free at (800) 974-0203.

“The Maryland Higher Education Commission is dedicated to assisting everyone re-locating to Maryland through the BRAC process. I am proud to be Maryland’s Higher Education Secretary. It is a pleasure to travel around the State and the country touting the fact that our colleges and universities are the best in the country. Serving as a member of Governor O’Malley’s cabinet as well as on his Sub-cabinet for BRAC, which is chaired by Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown, I have seen first-hand this administration’s determination to ensure that all who decide to make Maryland their new home will find this decision one of the best choices they ever made.”

...James E. Lyons, Sr., Secretary of Higher Education


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