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Higher Education in Maryland

High School Counselors' Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the status of a student’s award?

You may check the status of a student’s award by going to our website, www.mhec.state.md.us, where you can view a student’s information. This information is updated immediately when the OSFA makes any changes. Click on Financial Aid, and then click on On-Line Student Inquiry. You will need the student’s social security number, date of birth, and zip code. You may view a student’s awards for the year, and view the status of a student’s application.

Can students hold multiple scholarships and grants from OSFA?

Yes. Students may hold any state scholarship or grant with any other state scholarship or grant. There is no longer a statutory prohibition (previously, a student could not hold an EAG with a Senatorial Scholarship). Students may hold any scholarships and grants together, as long as the students meet the conditions of each individual scholarship or grant.

Remember, the student must meet the conditions of the individual scholarships and grants. Therefore, a student who is receiving a State Nursing Scholarship and a William Donald Schaefer Scholarship must be both in a nursing program AND agree to work in public service.

Students who hold multiple scholarships and grants that have a service obligation must fulfill the terms of each service obligation, and must do so consecutively (not at the same time).

How does the Foster Care tuition waiver work?

Foster Care tuition waiver is for students attending a public institution in the State of Maryland. “Foster Care Recipient” means an individual who was placed in a foster care home by the Maryland Department of Human Resources and 1) resided in a foster care home in the State at the time the individual graduated from high school or successfully completed a general equivalency development examination (GED); or 2) Resided in a foster care home in the State on the individual’s 14th birthday, and was adopted out of a foster care home after the individual’s 14th birthday.

Tuition means the charges that the public institution charges the student for enrollment at the institution. Tuition includes charges for registration and all fees required as a condition of enrollment (mandatory fees).

A foster care recipient is exempt from paying tuition at a public institution of higher education if 1) the foster care recipient is enrolled at the institution on or before the date that the foster care recipient reaches the age of 21 years; 2) the foster care recipient is enrolled as a candidate for an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree; and 3) the foster care recipient filed a FAFSA by March 1.

The foster care recipient may not be required to pay the difference between the amount of any scholarships or grants that he receives and the amount of the tuition. If the student receives a Pell Grant and no other grant/scholarship aid, and the Pell Grant does not cover the entire cost of tuition, then the difference between the Pell Grant and the tuition shall be covered with a tuition waiver. If the grants/scholarships cover the cost of tuition, then the student is ineligible for the tuition waiver.

For any questions about which students are eligible for the tuition waiver, please call Gail Fulton, from the Department of Human Resources, at (410) 767-7634. Lists of eligible recipients are published in July and January each year. The OSFA will forward the lists to each college financial aid office as we receive them.

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