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Higher Education in Maryland

Private Career School
Annual Reporting for Fiscal Year 2015
7/1/2014 thru 6/30/2015

Files Available July 1, 2015 thru September 30, 2015

Report due: October 1, 2015

Welcome to the web portal access for Private Career School annual reporting.

This is the Entry Page for the 2015 Annual Report for Private Career Schools. Please read the directions carefully.

This year, NOTHING was mailed to private career schools except an informational "heads-up" letter.    For this year's annual report, everything is available on this website for download.

There are three major changes to this year's Annual Report: (1) elimination of the S-10 form, (2) elimination of individualized forms, and (3) extending the due-date by one month to October 1, 2015.

ALL forms and documents related to your 2015 Annual Report must be submitted to MHEC on a CD, DVD, or Thumb (Flash)-Drive.  The only exceptions are the Guaranty Student Tuition Fund Payment and page 15 of the annual report, which is the signed affidavit page.

The following documents must be copied onto a CD, DVD, or Thumb (Flash)-Drive, and returned to MHEC in their original file formats (Word Document '.doc'/'.docx' or Excel Workbook '.xls'/'.xlsx').

  • Annual Report - Only the original signed Affidavit (page 15) must be returned as hard copy with your submission; otherwise, the Annual Report must be returned electronically in MS Word format
  • Form 5 - Program Information (Excel)
  • Form 6 - Personnel Information (Excel)
  • Form 7 - Enrollment, Completion, and Employment Data (Excel)
  • Form 8 - Verification of Employment Data Reported on Form 7 (Excel)
  • Form 9 - License Exam Pass Rate and Verification of Pass Rate, if applicable (Excel)
  • Addendum A - Training Locations for Real Estate Schools (Excel)
  • Form S-5 - Private Career School Financial Information (Excel)

Please go to the PCS Forms Search page to download all annual report forms and instructions.

If your school has WIOA approved programs, there are no special data submission requirements specific for WIOA programs. Since all Form 7 and Form 8 information is being submitted electronically per the above PCS requirements, duplicate submission for WIOA is not required.

If you have any questions, please contact your assigned MHEC staff liaison, or MHEC administrative assistant  Ronda Brown.


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