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Workforce Data System FY 2014

The links at the top of this page contain information about the Workforce Data System (WDS) annual collection for the year July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. The WDS data file submission date is October 1, 2014.   Use the "WDS Program List" link to view the programs required for the FY 2014 data collection.

A data collection and editing software application is available for download from this page.

  • (WDS 2014) Contains an Microsoft Access database (Microsoft Access 2003 or higher is required) that should be used to enter and maintain the required enrollment performance information needed for programs eligible for funding through the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). For proper viewing of some screens in the WDS_2014 program, your computer screen monitor resolution should be 1024x768 or higher. The most current version of the WDS_2014 program is Version 3, updated 08/15/2012 to allow 64 bit Microsoft Office to work properly. Version 3 will work correctly with both 32 and 64 bit Office.

  • The WDS_2014 Access database has been written for Access versions 2003 or higher. The application as been tested and appears to work properly with Access versions 2003, 2007, and 2010. Before the Access Application can be used, the Macro Security settings need to be enabled (as it does in all versions of Access);

    • Hold the "Shift" key when the WDS_2014.mdb application is started. This bypasses the startup routine so the user can use the Access menu commands
    • Press the round "Office Button" at the top left area of the program or the File Command.
    • Select "Access Options".
    • Select "Trust Center".
    • Select "Trust Center Settings".
    • Select "Macro Settings".
    • Make sure "Enable All Macros" is selected and click "OK".
    • Exit Access and then rerun the application without holding the "Shift" key.
    • For a computer running Access 2003, the macro setting is changed by;
      • Start the program as stated above.
      • Select the menu command; Tools | Macro | Security
      • On the Security Level tab, make sure "low" is selected.

  • Institution, program and consistency Updates for the WDS_2014.mdb database can be downloaded and applied to the database.

  • Procedures for using the WDS_2014 application is described in the WDS 2014 Application Documentation PDF file.

  • The layout format of the formatted ASCII non-delimited text file that is used for importing data into the WDS_2014 application and exporting for submission to MHEC is described in the WDS File Format file.

  • A WDS File Formatted non-delimited text file containing Fiscal Year 2010 non-exiters is available for initial entry into the WDS_2014 database. This file is being made available to ease the initial entry of information of students who continue from one fiscal year to the next. Please contact the WIA Systems Specialist at email wiaar@mhec.state.md.us to get further information on obtaining this data file.

  • To download the Microsoft Access file, right- click WDS 2014 and select Save Target As. When the "Save As" dialog box appears, position yourself to the folder you want to save the file into and click the "SAVE" button. Please remember where you saved the Microsoft Access database file.

  • After you have saved the Microsoft Access file to your computer, find the file on your computer and double click on it to open the application. If you need help with the procedure, please email wiaar@mhec.state.md.us.

  • All programs eligible for WIA funding must be reported even if no students were enrolled. All students who enrolled in these WIA programs must be reported even if they were not WIA students.

Community Colleges, Public Colleges and Universities, and Private Colleges

  • If you wish to submit the data via electronic means, the information MUST be encrypted because it contains confidential personally identifiable information (SSN) and will be transmitted via unsecured internet routes. E-mail the performance information in a zipped and password protected file to wiaar@mhec.state.md.us with a subject of "WDS Annual Collection" and include your name, phone, and institution name in the message of the email. A second e-mail should be sent to the same address with the password used to encrypt the zipped file.

  • If you wish to submit the data on physical media, the performance information can be written to a CD, DVD, or Thumb Drive. The submitted data file does not need to be encrypted if submitted by this method. The envelope used to mail the media should be capable of protecting the media from damage until it is received at MHEC. This media should be mailed to; MHEC, Attn: WIA IT Analyst (WDS Annual Collection), 6 N. Liberty Street Ground Suite, Baltimore, MD 21201.

  • Please note that a File Certification Form (MHEC90CS) is necessary to be submitted before the institution file will be processed by MHEC.

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