Student Advisory Council Members

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Introduction - Each Maryland institution that is authorized by the Maryland Higher Education Commission to operate in the State is allowed one representative to the Student Advisory Council. Each institution’s President in conjunction with their Student Government determines the selection process for their Student Advisory Council representative. Representatives serve one year terms and can be reappointed.

2017-2018 SAC Member List

Glenda Abney (

Maryland Higher Education Commission​

Emily Dreszer Executive Chairperson

​Anne Arundel Community College

Angela LowryExecutive Vice-Chairperson
Garrett College
Ashley EspositoSecretary

University of Maryland, University College

Sawyer Neale Parliamentarian

​St. John's College

Bryson BarksdaleStudent Commissioner
Stevenson University
TBDSegment Chair
4-Year Public: TBD

TBDSegment Chair
4-Year Private:  TBD
TBDSegment Chair

​2-Year Public:  TBD

TBDSegment Chair

​Graduate Student: TBD