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Higher Education in Maryland

College Preparation Intervention Program


The College Preparation Intervention Program (CPIP) is a State grant program which supports Maryland’s college access and completion goals as defined in Maryland Ready, the State’s 2013-2017 State Plan for Postsecondary Education and the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013. CPIP, a state funded grant, provides financial support for institutions of higher education (IHE) to partner with high need local education agencies (LEA) to develop and implement successful strategies that help low income and underrepresented students complete high school and enroll in college.

This annual competitive grant program supports the federally funded Maryland College Access Challenge Grant Program (MCACGP) as the state matching fund. CPIP, an early intervention program, request that higher education institutions form partnerships with at least one high need local education agency. Additional LEAs, community organizations and businesses may be included as partners to provide program interventions that encourage young people--especially students from low income communities--to aim higher, study harder, and take the courses required for college admission and success. CPIP funded activities are intended to improve the college and career readiness of Maryland's K-12 students. Examples of fundable activities include but are not limited to: academic enrichment mini-courses for high school students held at college campuses, career exploration research with follow-up activities on campus, professional development for teachers, financial aid workshops for students and parents, and tutoring by college students in subjects such as reading, math, and science.

Request for Applications (RFA)  FY 2014 CPIP RFA (PDF)

Please review the FY 2014 RFA entirely.  There are several NEW changes this year!

FY 2014 Project Priorities

PRIORITIES FOR October 2013 – October 2014 

Within the 3 funded categories (RFA pages 3-4), MHEC has identified the following priorities:

  • Support students academically as they prepare for graduation and college entrance;

    • Prepare students who have not taken or have failed the Algebra/Data Analysis, Reading, and/or        
           Biology High School Assessment (HSA) to achieve a passing score.

    • Provide SAT and/or ACT preparation for students.
    • Provide opportunities for students to earn college credits through dual enrollment.
  • Provide services that are designed to reach the most at risk students to decrease the attrition rate in  
          selected LEA high schools.

  • Engage students in developing an education and career plan, as well as develop the non-technical skills
          necessary to be successful professionally.
    • Increase CPIP students’ knowledge of the relationships between career goals, high school and
            college courses, and postsecondary education and career choices.

    • Provide and/or facilitate (paid and non-paid) internship opportunities for CPIP students-See
            http://www.dol.gov/compliance/laws/comp-flsa.htm and
    • Provide ‘soft skills’ training engage students in activities designed to develop professional
           behaviors, such as a strong work ethic, dressing appropriately, taking the initiative, being punctual,
           and having a collegial attitude.

  • Provide parents and guardians with information about State graduation requirements; college admission
         and financial aid requirements including FAFSA completion; and provide the tools and resources they need
         to help their children stay in high school, take the challenging courses, and prepare for college and career.

  • Build relationships with students to foster in them a belief that they would be accepted and welcomed in a 
         college environment by providing on-campus experiences, including interactions with college students and

    Cover Sheet (DOC)
    Cover Sheet (PDF)
    Abstract (DOC)
    Abstract (PDF)

    Key Personnel (DOC)
    Key Personnel (PDF)

    Advisory Committee (DOC)
    Advisory Committee(PDF)
    Budget Summary FY 14 (XLS)
    Budget Summary FY 14 (DOC)
    Budget Narrative (DOC)
    Budget Narrative (PDF)
    Assurances (DOC)
    Assurances (PDF)
    Cooperative Planning Agreement (DOC)
    Cooperative Planning Agreement (PDF)
    Plan of Operation--sample activity table (DOC)
    Plan of Operation--sample activity table (PDF)


    Amended Budget Form (XLS)
    Amended Budget Form (DOC)
    Project Amendment Request Form (DOC)
    Project Amendment Request Form (PDF)

    Data: Enrollment and Demographics (DOC)
    Interim & Final

    Data: Enrollment and Demographics(PDF)
    Interim & Final

    Data: Student Outcomes (DOC)
    Interim & Final

    Data: Student Outcomes  (PDF)
    Interim & Final

    Interim Report Form (DOC)
    Interim Report Form (PDF)

    Interim Budget Summary (DOC)
    Interim Budget Summary (XLS)
                                 Final Report Budget Summary (DOC) Final Report Budget Summary (XLS)

    FY 2013 & 2014 PROJECT ABSTRACTS 

    CPIP FY 2013 Abstracts (DOC)         
    CPIP FY 2013 Abstracts (PDF)

    CPIP FY 2014 Abstracts (DOC)
    CPIP FY 2014 Abstracts (PDF)

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